dbxsqlpadDbxSqlPad is a Borland DbExpress compatible SQL script writer. If you need basic syntax highlighted scripting, this is for you. All you need is the DbExpress driver, configure it and the scripter is yours. It is equipped with a MetaData navigator, Code completion (Ctrl+J), a SQL monitor and extensible tool menu with commandline macro expansion.

syntaxThe editor window allows editing of several script files. They are all highlighting tablenames for the active database connection. If you want to test only portions of the entire script you may select the specific statements and press 'F9' to execute the query.
The result window will automatically appear if there's a result to be displayed. Typically any DML statement will not have resultsets, for these the metadata window will be refreshed to reflect the latest tables and views.

metadataThe metadata view is automatically populated with the tables, views and their columns from the active database connection. It allows muliple select and drag and drop to the editor window.

Columns are dropped as fully qualified fieldnames for easy editing. Simulatiously the active connection populates the code insight like popup window which will let you easy entering of tablenames and columnnames (using Ctrl+Space).
Multiple database connections can be configured and are easily switched using the menu. To add a new connection, start the configuration dialog and enter the driver and database specific parameters.

If the DbExpress connection SQL is unclear or somewhat unpredictable, since it allows using beta drivers, you may choose to run an external tool to run the script being edited.

dbconfigThe console applications input and outpur parameters are fully configurable using commandline macro expansion. It supports all of the Delphi like macro's like: $EDNAME, $PATH, but also $PROMPT and $DATABASE. You may download the free beta edition for testing purposes. You need to report any bugs found so the tool may be improved in the near and long distance future.



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